VLC is a popular media player with which you can watch videos of different formats. The software has many useful features that provide a high level of playback. The application supports a large number of operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. You can download the official version of VLC for free on our page.

Functional Description of VLC

  • high image quality;
  • capture the screen in the desired format;
  • playback of the video list without stopping.

Installation instructions

Download the VLC player from the link on this page. When the installation is finished, open the program and start working.

Instructions for use

  • The software contains an equalizer that is needed to maintain the balance of the audio track. You can use the sliders to increase or decrease the volume of the sound.
  • The screen video is recorded using the "Media" tab. The broadcast format options can be changed in the settings menu.
  • You can convert files in the "Media" section. The implementation of this process is necessary to convert or improve the file format.


VLC is a popular program with which you can watch, synchronize and convert media resources.